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At CLEARMASK , we believe in staying safe at all times. Our range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) includes: our super, light weight face shields with anti fog, safety googles with anti fog (TGA approved), Reusable Anti Fog Cleaning Cloths and our new addition preparing for Christmas, Reusable Christmas Face Masks, that allow you to go about your daily activities whilst keeping you Safe all day.

​The Benefits of CLEARMASK face shields:

  • Covers and protects your eyes, mouth and nose.

  • Reduces touching of your face and allows face recognition.

  • Easier to communicate, especially for hearing impaired persons. 

  • Reusable, durable and recyclable.

  • Australian designed and owned. 

​CLEARMASK safety goggles:

  • Goggles are forms of protective eyewear that usually enclose or protect the area around the eye in order to prevent particles, water or chemical striking the eye  (TGA Approved - Medical eye goggles).

  • Eye protection provides a barrier to infectious materials entering the eye.

CLEARMASK reusable anti fog cleaning cloth:

  • Unobstructed vision all day without fogging.

  • Designed for use on all lenses, including sunglasses (especially multi coated lenses).

  • Provides an invisible layer on the lens for surface for 12 hours.

  • Up to 100 applications.

Clearmask Reusable Christmas Motif Face Masks

  • Stay safe and enjoy the Christmas Spirit with these reusable Face Masks - Merry Christmas.

  • Make a great Kris Kringle Gift for the person who has everything.

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ClearMask & The community

Dedicated to helping, where it's needed most.
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Dear ClearMask,


We are so thrilled with the clear face coverings! Our leadership and admin team have been wearing them all afternoon (since the second Andrew put them together for us!) and the rest of the staff have been racing down to get one when they've seen us walking around in them. So comfortable, they feel fully protective, and the best part: we can see each other's facial expressions when signing! And between you, me and the gate post, the fact I can wear lipstick again is a side bonus 


We cannot thank you enough for your generosity; we are just so chuffed that you've "shone a light" on our lovely little school.


Warmest regards,

Furlong park School for deaf children. 


Image includes Lee (principal) and Shelley (Assistant principal)


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