Australia is going back to work.

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Get open. Stay open with a Safe plan.

To ensure the safety of your staff and customers it's important to have a safety plan, to keep your workforce and customers safe and virus free.

All businesses small and large need to build on their safe work practices and consider how they can reconfigure their daily operations to remain Safe at all times.

As well as protecting your staff and customers it should be equally important to protect your brand. In order for your business to perform well and remain open in this daily changing risk environment, therefore Clearmask products need to be a part of your daily work environment.

Clearmask Australia can help keep your staff and customers Safe at all times.

Our new designed personal protective face shield is unobtrusive and comfortable to wear for both adults and children. The total weight is less than 40 grams and and has a anti-fog treatment that increases the wearers visual clarity.

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