Now you see me.

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

For the first time in history we are all asking the same question every day.

When can we go back to how we lived?

The short answer is, unfortunately not until a vaccine is produced and globally distributed.

We can however learn to live in a safe world by better social distancing and better sanitising procedures and personal protection.

By now we have all seen or worn a medical face mask and this is not a long term answer.

The medical style mouth and nose face mask is ideal for short term only. We are now into the 4th month since the pandemic was officially declared by the WHO.

Daily wearing of face masks has now created additional problems such as facial and ear skin irritations as well as basic communication barriers.

Sooner than later the security concerns created by limited facial recognition while wearing a face mask will come to light and governments around the world will look at face mask restrictions in public buildings, casinos,airports,banks,transport.

Clearmask is a super light weight and non allergenic material and is sanitizable for multi use.

The clear shield is removable and washable as well is anti fog treated. The frame is also light weight and designed to easily be worn over prescription glasses and sunglasses.

Communication is dramatically improved whilst still providing both mouth, nose and eyes protection from water droplets.

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